Mohamed Mouldi Ghazali

Name and surname: Mohamed Mouldi Ghazali 

Date and place of birth: November 1, 1955, بنفطة26754-1435171839953-750171-n-1.jpg
Address: Bayada market - blister 2240
Phone: 0033646096995 in France / Tunisia 23560240
mohamed.ghazali.nefta @ email


A graduate of the Ecole Nationale d'Administration, Tunisia 1976
- Certificate of French language, first class, Sorbonne 1976
- Certificate of Proficiency in research and translation, Sorbonne 1982
- Certificate of Thorough Studies in literature and translation, Sorbonne March 1983

The intellectual and cultural activities:

- Published magazine "Visions" literary Paris in 1982
- Director of the Department of Translation at "the international press," Paris 1982
- Founder of the "Association for the Study of the Arab culture" in Paris Member, 1985
- The foundations of Arabic literature in the Paris Club in 1987
Head of the research center and CARIS France translation
A member of the Tunisian section of the Writers' Union, France -
- He studied the Arabic language and civilization secondary institutions in France and the Institute of Oriental Languages, 1983-1998
- Member of the "International Relief Society" since 2007
A member of the Writers' Union of the Tunisian branch of Tozeur
Cultural Paris, 1995Azimut Year - issued guidelines deposit
- Member of "Cultural Association Slambo" since 2008
- Helped organize many cultural forums in France 1980-2008
- Participation in most quotas and cultural and literary programs Balamaat the France
- His published poetry in Arabic and French and Tunisian newspapers
- Scientists and public and private institutions in France translated literary articles.
- His interest in the psychology of language, thought and civilization
- A written history, thought, and the novel, literary criticism
- Post Office "move to deserted beaches" 1987
- Post office "language prognosis" Paris 1988
- Dissemination of the novel "The Last Secret" in Tunisia in 2008
- Studied the Roman and Persian languages, English and Russian
- Excursions and many books on the Middle Iraq, Egypt, Belgium Netherlands Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy
And Africa (Paris / Dakar) Niger, Togo, Ghana, Benin, etc.
- President of the Assembly of Experts charitable and social Nefta -  Tozeur
He taught the Arabic language and translation at the University of Gafsa
he taught French language at the Higher Institute humanis of Tozeur 

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